General conditions and terms of Ruse South Bus Station for providing bus services

01Ruse South Bus Station – address Ruse, 156, Tsar Osvoboditel blvd, Unique Company Identifier – 117541698, represented by the manager Galin Nedelchev, hereinafter referred to as RUSE SOUTH BUS STATION, offers bus services of authorized carriers (hereinafter referred to as CARRIERS), to whom it is delegated by contracts to service bus lines only on routes which include bus stops owned by Ruse South Bus Station.

02For the passengers of the carriers Ruse South Bus Station is obliged to provide: >A reception building to service the passengers and to provide everyday cleaning and maintaining in accordance with the requirements for public buildings and transportation facilities – safety markings, control of the access of the vehicles that enter the sectors, etc. Provides: >Heating in winter >Toilets; >Free information service provided for all passengers between 6:00am and 22:00pm (depending on the opening hours of the bus station). You can find information about schedules of the registered carriers, prices of the tickets, sectors of departure of the buses and general conditions of travel at the information desks or through contacting us by phone.; >Wardrobe storage for passengers luggage; >Audio information inside the bus station announcing times and sectors of departure; >Lifting platform or ramp for wheelchairs; >Obstacle-free space and free access for wheelchairs in the territory of the bus station; >An outside telephone booth that is accessible for people with disabilities;


03For the CARRIER and its passengers RUSE SOUTH BUS STAITION is responsible for providing: >Ticket cash desks before or at the time of departure in accordance with the opening hours of the bus station and the carriers` offices and the necessary capacity for avoiding long queues and waiting passengers; >An Information board in the passengers` hall with updated timetables as well as audio announcements of the departing buses;


04RUSE SOUTH BUS STATION is responsible to the CARRIERS for providing: >Service in accordance with Regulation № 33 of 3rd November 1999 on Public transportation of passengers and goods on the territory of The Republic of Bulgaria including, if necessary, preparing monthly reports for the municipalities contractors of transport services to and from the bus station. Monitoring, control and reporting the implementation of the timetable. >Shelter equipped sector to board passengers up to 10 minutes before departure; >Validation of the journey form/pass by the bus station official, who then fills in the exact time of arrival/departure in the bus station register. At the end of the working day/shift each official writes his/her name down and signs under all information he/she has filled in on this day about carried out routes; >if there is sufficient capacity on the bus station, paid car park is provided for the buses for 60 minutes. An additional contract or agreement has to be signed to add on to the already existing one; >In case the capacity of the bus station is not limited, it provides a paid secured car park for the time of the stay of the buses. In this case, both parties should sign an additional contract or an additional agreement to the already existing contract.


05THE CARRIER is required to comply with the set terms of the bus station through: >Providing Ruse South Bus Station with details of routes and timetables of the bus lines which it serves; >Bus drivers are required to provide the official with their journey form/pass on arrival and departure at all times; >Bus drivers are required to inform the dispatcher on duty 10 minutes before their departure; >Driving with no more than 5km per hour according to the set rules and routine; >Arrival of the bus at the exact sector and time as stated in the contract; >In case of departure from the sectors at the same time, priority is given in the order of number of the sectors; >To maintain cleanness in the bus station area. Washing, cleaning, maintaining and repairing the vehicles is only to be done in the specified places; >Not to pollute the area of the bus station with hazardous materials such as absorbents and filter materials, wiping cloths, protective clothing, oil filters, motor oil, brake and antifreeze fluids, lead batteries, fluorescent tubes, packaging containing any of the mentioned above materials and liquids. All of these have to be discharged ONLY at the specified places. >Boarding of passengers only at the specified places/sectors; >Not to park vehicles in the area near the entry and exit barriers; >To carry out each journey with no more than one bus, except in the cases stated in art. 16b, Regulation 2 of 15th March 2002 of the Ministry of Transport’s terms and conditions on the validation of the transport routes and schedules and public transportation of passengers and goods ; >Not to obstruct the work of the other carriers; >To inform in writing the administration of the bus station about any changes to set schedules, ticket prices and other services stated in their contract


6.1Ruse South Bus station reserves its right to perform changes to its current general terms and conditions and according to article 136 of the Law of the Obligations and Contracts it agrees to present the carrier with notification in writing which explains the changes in the terms and conditions and to give the carrier a 7 day period to decide whether it will agree to them.

6.2The amendments to the general terms and conditions enter into force for the carrier if in the given 7 day period it fails to renounce these changes.

07For issues not stated in the general terms and conditions the norms of the Law of the Obligations and Contracts, Trade Law, Road Transport Law, their acts and regulations are applied.