General Terms of the carriers

General terms and conditions of carriers for transportation of passengers

Passengers buy tickets at the ticket cash desks in the building of Ruse South Bus Station.

By purchasing a bus ticket all passengers agree to the terms and conditions of the carriers for transportation of passengers:

01By purchasing tickets the passengers enter a contract for transportation of passengers and take responsibility for their actions in accordance with articles from 42 to 48 of the Road transport and haulage Law (SG, issue 82 of 17th September, 1999; SG issue 11 of 31st January 2002)

02The holder of the ticket is insured during the journey in case of an accident

03The carrier is required to provide transportation for every passenger that holds a valid ticket as well as his/her personal belongings – one suitcase and one handbag.

04The cost of the ticket is non-refundable in less than 24 hours prior to the journey. It is also not refundable in case of a lost or stolen ticket.

05The carrier is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Duplicates of lost or stolen tickets are not issued.

06The carrier is not responsible for delays due to objective reasons.

07If the carrier fails to complete the journey, only the value of the remaining part of the journey will be refunded.

08The passengers are personally responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle.

09Smoking on the bus during the journey is prohibited.

10The passengers are obligated to provide tickets at the request of inspecting authorities – Road and Automobile Administration officials as well as internal carriers` officials

11The use of the individual safety seat belts in the buses during the journey is required.